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Once you’re arrested, you will either stay in jail or post bail for your release and appear in court at later date. For everyone in West Covina, CA, Alomar Bail Bonds provides you with 24 hours of bail bonds service. You can call us anytime regardless of your situation, and we’ll try our best to ensure that we address all your concerns as well as secure a bail bond for you.

Understanding Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a monetary guarantee that you will appear in court on assigned dates to face criminal charges. It is an agreement in writing between you, a bail bond agent, and the court affirming that the bail bondsman undertakes to ensure that you meet the court’s requirements. The bond is purchased by you, a friend or a family member to pay for your bail and costs. The typical costs in West Covina range from 8% to 10% of the total bail amount.

A bail bond allows you to be freed after your arrest and guarantees your appearance for the next court date. The bail bondsman will pledge property or money as bail and act as a surety for your court appearance. Once the bond is posted, you will be released from custody awaiting your court hearing.

Types of Bail Bonds

You can be released using various types of bonds as explained below.

A Citation Release and a Recognizance Release are releases from jail that are issued at the discretion of police officers. You only promise to show up in the court at a specific date, sign the paperwork, and you are freed. Although no money is required for these processes, you will be fined if you fail to appear in court. If necessary, you may need to battle for a Recognizance Release in court, but your attorney may cost more than obtaining a bail bond.

A Federal Bail Bond applies if you are charged with a federal offense. It can be obtained using either cash or property as collateral, but it is more costly than an ordinary bail bond. It is normally transacted directly with the court.

An Immigration Bond is secured if you are a foreign national or a non-resident. Because of your legal status, an Immigration bond can be hard to obtain and you become eligible only after you meet specific criteria.

A Cash Bail is often used if your crime is severe and you cannot be denied bail, yet, you are a flight risk. In such cases, your bail will be set so high that paying in cash will be almost impossible. Once you meet your obligations, your bail amount excluding administration fees will be returned. However, you can only access your money 60 to 90 days after your trial is concluded.

Surety Bail Bonds are useful when the amount set is too high or you have no access to cash. It involves a contract with a bail bondsman to establish conditions for you to be released. It costs about 10% of the bail amount and a promise to appear in court at a given date. If you don’t appear, the bail agent will be responsible for paying the full bail amount and may engage a bounty hunter to apprehend you. It is easy to get this bond and most bail bondsmen will agree to flexible payment terms.

A Property Bond allows the court to accept property in lieu of cash for your bail. Although any type of property can be used, real estate is the most common. The property’s assessed value must be twice your bail amount and your full rights to the property serve as collateral. The process is time-consuming and if you do not appear in court, you may lose the property.

The Bail Bond Process

After receiving a call about you, the bail bond agency will record information such as your full name, the name of the jail, the booking number, the charges against you, and your bail amount.

The bondsman will then collect from you a non-refundable premium and secure collateral to cover the bail. The premium is generally 10% of the bail amount; but for immigration and federal cases, it is 15% – 20%.  If your assets are insufficient, your family or friends may provide the collateral. The bondsman will then post your bail and you will be released.

If you appear in court, your collateral is returned after your case is completed. If you fail to appear, the court issues an arrest warrant and the bail bond agency may hire a bounty hunter to locate you. If the bail bonds agent is unable to locate you, the agent pays the full bail amount and uses the collateral to compensate for the loss.

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Once you or your loved ones are taken into custody in West Covina, CA, you can call Alomar Bail Bonds at 626-449-4118. We have experienced agents to navigate the bail process post your bail. You can use our services at any time since we are available 24/7.

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