Qualifying for bail is crucial for anyone that faces an arrest in Glendale. The law allows you freedom before trial, which you must guarantee with cash bail or property bond. Sadly, not everyone can afford bail. Sometimes courts set high bails, making it unaffordable for defendants and their families. Bail bond dealers could not have come at a better time. They guarantee your freedom for a fraction of the set bail. You no longer have to worry about raising funds or fundraising among your family and friends after your arrest. We serve Glendale and its surrounding areas at Alomar Bail Bonds to ensure that defendants enjoy their constitutional right of freedom before trial. We will be happy to walk with you through this challenging process.

The Bail Process in California

Anyone suspected of unlawful acts in California is subject to an arrest. That is so regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty. Unfortunately, many innocent people face arrests every day. Arrests are not easy on defendants and their families. They separate people from their families, businesses, and work. You can remain incarcerated for days, weeks, or even months, depending on the circumstances of your situation. But California laws do not allow the police to keep suspects in custody before trial. You are eligible for a pre-trial release soon after your arrest.

Freedom after an arrest does not come immediately or automatically. You must go through the booking process, whereby the police record all your information in their database. They will note down your identifying information, take your pictures and biometrics and enter them into their online database. Once that is done, you will be ready for your first appearance in court. It is your first hearing, whereby the judge determines your suitability for bail and sets the amount. Bail hearings in California must happen within hours of your arrest. Otherwise, the police could be in trouble for holding you for a long time before trial.

California criminal court judges are familiar with these processes. Your judge will go straight to the bail matter immediately after you appear in court. You are allowed legal representation from this early in the process to ensure that the judge is lenient enough when granting you bail. The judge will go through the particulars of your case and your criminal record, which are essential factors in establishing your suitability for bail. If you are allowed bail, the court will tell you how much money you should pay to obtain your pre-trial release.

Bail hearings do not take long. Since they occur a few hours after your arrest, you can quickly post bail to enjoy your freedom before you lose more time from your family, work, or business. Unfortunately, many people do not enjoy this because they cannot afford to post bail. Some families must wait for days or weeks to raise the required amount. Others have to forego their most valuable asset to raise enough money to obtain their loved one's release. You do not have to go through all that because the law allows you to engage the help and support of a bail bonds dealer.

Why Courts Require Bail

California law does not allow suspects to be held in jails or prisons before a judge determines them guilty. It is illegal for the police to keep you in custody after arrest until they receive an order from a judge. You have a constitutional right to remain innocent until proven guilty through a criminal process. Before that, you must be set free regardless of the elements of your case.

However, criminal courts in California require you to guarantee your return for trial and sentence hearing before granting your freedom after an arrest. They have a bail schedule detailing the amount defendants must pay for misdemeanor and felony offenses before the police release them. The mount is usually high to discourage suspects from skipping bail. If you pay so much money to obtain your freedom, you will voluntarily go through all legal processes to get back your money. Courts guarantee defendants their money back as long as they do not violate any terms and conditions for their bail release.

Some people do not have enough money to post bail but have a valuable asset they can use as collateral for their pre-trial release. The asset could be yours (the defendant) or from your relative or friend. The court will appraise and review all the documents before accepting your property bond. You will receive the documents and your property back after your case, provided you do not violate your bail conditions.

Sometimes the judge can decide to release a defendant on their personal recognizance. It happens mostly to first offenders facing lenient and non-violent misdemeanor charges. If you are lucky to receive a personal recognizance release, you will not pay or give any collateral to guarantee your court appearance. The judge will only make you sign some documents, and you can go home.

You will receive a list of bail conditions you should abide by all through the bail period. You must not violate any given condition if you wish to receive your money or property back after your case concludes. For instance, if you skip bail and are rearrested, you will not be eligible for bail again and could lose the entire amount you had posted as bail.

What happens If You Cannot Afford Bail

You pay bail to the court as a guarantee of your court appearance. California courts set bail high to discourage defendants from skipping court appearances. You will likely make all appearances with the hope of receiving your money back after your case.

Sadly, this affects so many families since most cannot raise a large sum of money within a short period. Some defendants do not have valuable properties they can use as property bonds. It means that you could remain in jail throughout the trial period until the judge gives a verdict.

However, bail bond dealers offer financial support to defendants in situations like these. They assure courts that their clients (the defendants) will make all court appearances. Your bond dealer will pay a percentage of the bail to the court and assure the court of the rest of the amount if you forfeit the bail.

Bond dealers have been operating in California for a very long time. Thus, you can effortlessly find one offering bail bonds after your arrest. That takes the stress out of you and your family, assuring you of a much quicker release after an arrest. After your first court appearance, you only need to contact a reliable bond dealer. That will minimize the time you will be incarcerated.

Bail bonds are highly reliable. Bond dealers are in business and will do their best to help you for a fraction of your bail. Generally, California bail companies offer their services at a 10% fee according to your bail. Some bail bonds are available at a cheaper rate, depending on your preferred bond dealer. Dealers are always willing and ready to negotiate fees to ensure their clients can pay for their services.

Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

Your arrest in Glendale will likely occur when you least expect it. It means that you will not have kept some money aside or organized an asset you can use to guarantee your pre-trial release. That is why you could benefit from a bond dealer. Bond companies provide money fast. They are always ready and willing to help. Once you contact them and sign an agreement with an agent, the agent will quickly begin the bail process. You can be out of jail in no time.

A reliable bail bond agent will guarantee a faster release from jail. If you were to pay cash bail, you would require more time to raise the entire amount. Receiving the money could take several days or weeks if your bail is high. That translates to more time in jail. Property bonds also take time before the court appraises the property and processes the documents. But bond dealers act on the same day of your arrest. They are your best choice if you wish to return to your family, business, or work quickly.

You could benefit from payment plans if you choose the best bail bond dealer. A lot of families do not have ready cash that they can use to post bail after their loved one's arrest. Most cannot raise the whole bail, or even 10% of it, which the bond dealer requires as a premium and fee for bail services. You should consider partnering with a company that allows payment plans. With a reasonable payment plan, you can pay a small amount to the bond dealer for a predetermined period until you pay the entire fee.

Additionally, working with a bond dealer is less embarrassing. Bond agents work confidentially with their clients. They do not share your information with anyone without your consent. No one will know of your arrest when you engage the services of a bond dealer. Bond dealers also offer better treatment to their clients. People will likely treat you differently after an arrest, even when you are innocent. Your bond agent will treat you professionally and with the dignity you deserve.

Your bond dealer will be with you throughout the process until the judge concludes your case. The agent will ensure that you appear on all court dates without fail. The company will continuously check on you through the bail period to ensure you abide by all bail conditions. That will keep you out of trouble and protect you from forfeiting bail.

How To Acquire Bail Bonds in Glendale

It is necessary to consider your bail and how you will pay it after your arrest. If you wait until after your first arraignment to make arrangements, you can remain incarcerated for much longer. People who identify and engage a bond dealer early in the process do not remain in jail a minute longer than they should. That should be your goal if you wish to return to your life sooner than later.

Start by identifying a reliable bond dealer to partner with. Choose a dealer you can trust, who can process your bail fast, is professional, and is affordable. Bond dealers are pretty common today. Thus, you can ask for referrals from family members and friends that have used bail services in the past. You could also check online for what is available in your location. Most customers leave a review of the kind of services they received from a particular bond dealer. You can use their testimonials for informed decision-making.

Contact the bond dealer right away. You can do that by phone or online. You do not need to visit their offices to inquire about their services and sign up. Once you initiate contact, an agent will be assigned to your case. The agent will begin the process by asking you important questions that will help with the bail process. For instance, they will need to know your full name, address, criminal history, employment status, and details regarding your case. The agent will give you information about their bond services, how much they charge, and their payment expectations.

You could negotiate for fair terms and conditions if you are not okay with what the agent offers. For instance, if a 10% fee is high, you can negotiate for a reduced rate. You could also suggest a flexible payment plan if you cannot pay the entire premium upfront.

The bond agent will quickly draft an agreement, which you will sign to begin the process. It takes only a few minutes for the agent to complete the bail process, after which the police will grant your freedom. Experienced bond agents take minimal time to process bails for their clients. That reduces your time in jail.

You Need Collateral

Bond dealers usually have a huge risk in guaranteeing many defendants' court appearances. These companies pay huge sums of money to courts and assure to pay even more if their clients skip bail. Some clients do not keep the end of their bargain, resulting in a significant loss for the bond dealer. That is why bond dealers require collateral when offering their services.

It is important to determine from the bond agent whether they will need collateral from you and the type of collateral you can give before the beginning of the bail process. Bond dealers accept anything of value as collateral, provided that its value is greater than the bail. Your options include:

  • Valuable assets like vehicles — The bond dealer will require you to provide documents for your assets, which you can collect after your case. By handing over the documents to the bond dealer, you give them the right to sell your valuable asset if the court forfeits your bail.
  • Properties like lands and homes — Defendants can use titles of their homes or real estate properties as collateral for bail services. If you do not have a home, a friend or family member can use theirs to help you obtain bail bonds.
  • Valuable collections like arts
  • Jewelry

You must sign the collateral to the bond dealer before the agent completes the bail process. It is an assurance that you will be willing to go through the legal process until a judge determines your case. Once that happens, the bond dealer will hand over the collateral back. You will only be required to complete the service fee according to the agreement you sign with the agent.

It is advisable to make all court appearances after your pre-trial release. Doing so shows a commitment to solving the case, which could compel the judge to be a little lenient during the sentencing. For instance, if you are guilty, the judge could give you a more lenient sentence for your offense.

If you fail to make all court appearances, the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest and could deny your bail request. You can remain incarcerated until the end of your criminal case. Additionally, you could face criminal charges for failing to appear, punishable by time in jail and a hefty fine. Your charges for failing to appear will still apply even if you are not guilty of the underlying charges.

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