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Alomar Bail Bonds is among the top rated agencies providing outstanding bail bond services to clients in Glendale, California. We are also reputable in helping clients make the right decisions when it comes to posting bail. When you’re arrested for various reasons, you require bail bond agents with exceptional skills in bail and bonds services to help you with the process of posting bail so that you can get out of jail quickly.

When Can Police Decide to Arrest and Conduct a Seizure?

When a crime has been committed, what happens first is that the police investigate the offense to know the possible suspects. Once they suspect any person to have committed the alleged crime, they first obtain a warrant of arrest and what follows is apprehending the person.

Once they have the alleged criminal in their custody, the police commence a seizure or a search of the suspected criminal’s property to find any relevant evidence they can use against the person. They ensure that they confiscate any property or document that can act as proof that the person they detained has committed the crime.

Getting Booked in Jail

Once the suspected criminal is under arrest, he/she is taken into police custody for booking. This is the same as being processed into custody. There are various things that police officers do during the booking process. These things include:

  • Recording the suspect’s personal information like name, age, gender, and other background information
  • Noting down any available information regarding the matter at hand
  • Taking the suspect’s picture as well as fingerprints
  • Checking whether the suspect has any criminal background
  • Search the suspect and seize any personal items like phone and money
  • Hold the suspect in the jail cell

When the suspected criminal is detained, he/she or a loved one can get in touch with a bail bonds agency to help in posting bail to be released quickly.

What is Bail Bond?

The bail bond is the financial surety provided by a licensed bail bond agent to help release a jailed person. It’s like an agreement between the agency that is providing bail bonds services and the court. The jail can only release the defendant if they’re sure that he/she will appear in court when required to, and that’s why this financial guarantee is essential. Therefore, for the suspect to secure his/her release, it’s mandatory to go through the bail bond procedure.

The Bail Bond Procedure

Once the bail or the amount of money that the suspected criminal should pay to secure release is determined, the defendant has to go through the bail bond process.

The first step is to hire a bonds agent to help in the bail process. The bail bond agent around the Glendale area in California can help by acting as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court when called upon. During the first appearance in court, that’s when the judge will set the bail depending on the damages caused during the alleged crime.

Once the amount to pay has been decided, the next step is for the bail bond agency to post the bail. The posting is done during business hours between the bondsman and the court clerk. The defendant will then be required to keep the receipt as evidence that he/she posted the bail.

The defendant is then released and notified of the next hearing date. Failure to appear in court on the hearing day will prompt the court to issue a warrant of arrest and keep the bond amount.

Categories of Bail Bonds

  1. Criminal Bail Bond

This is the type of bond that the bail bonds agency presents to court in criminal cases. The agreement guarantees that the criminal defendant will always be appearing in court when called upon for a hearing. This bond also acts as a surety that the defendant will pay any penalty or fine as decided by the court if found guilty.

  1. Civil Bail Bond

This is the type of bond that bail bonds agencies provide in court in case of civil cases. The bond act as a financial surety that the defendant will pay all the debt as well as any interest or additional cost if found guilty by the court.

Nearby Jails 

There are several jails near Glendale, CA, where suspected criminals can be detained. They include;

  • West Hollywood Jail
  • Santa Monica Jail
  • Los Angeles Police Department –Van Nuys Jail
  • Glendale City Jail

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So that you can be released quickly, you’ll need the expertise of bail bond agents in Glendale, CA.  Alomar Bail Bonds agents are highly reputable in matters of bail bonds and can ensure that you go through the bail process quickly and smoothly. Call us at 626-449-4118 to get in touch with one of our experts in bail bond matters.


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