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Alomar Bail Bonds is a fully licensed bail bonds agency that serves clients in El Monte, California. We devote our time and effort towards helping your loved ones get out of Jail. When you are arrested, you may need to seek the service of a bail bonds agency to help you get released out of custody. A bail bond is an amount, either in the form of cash, property or surety, given to the court as an assurance that the defendant will make all the stipulated court appearances. Anyone may qualify to post a bond. Yet, if you as the defendant cannot manage to pay the bond, you are permitted to solicit for help from someone (as long as they are 18 years and above) or a surety company.

A Brief Bail Bond Overview

After an arrest, the law operates in such a way that you remain behind bars until you are bailed out or your case is heard and terminated. A bail bond allows you to stay free from detention until a hearing date is set for the judgment of the case. For most people in such circumstances, they rely on bail bond agents to help them through the bail process. In El Monte, for instance, Alomar is one such agency that is positioned to help you every step of the way.

Jail Booking Process

During an arrest, you are taken into police custody which follows a rather simple jail booking process. The police officers will collect and record detailed personal information and particulars of the alleged crime. Personal information includes the name, gender, age, and date of birth. Additionally, the officer takes a record of your fingerprints and photographs that ensure a unique identification proof. A background check is conducted to establish your involvement in criminal activities in the past. The police officer will then search you and take any personal belongings that you may be having. Of importance to note is the fact that all the items are returned during the time of release.

The last step is the placement in either a holding police cell or jail. Depending on the nature of the offense, there are two possible outcomes. You will either go through the bail bonds route or receive a written citation with a set date on when to report to the court. Usually, a written citation is given to defendants who commit minor crimes. On the other hand, a defendant who has allegedly committed a serious crime such as murder would be required to post bail; in fact, it is not alway guaranteed that they are eligible for bail, and the courts determines the eligibility for bail through the bail hearing process.

Release Options Under the Bail Bond

Cash Bond/Bail

Under this option, you give the total amount of bail to the court in the form of cash. A cash bond is an indemnity that you will return to court on the set date. The intention is also to serve as an incentive for the defendant to appear for every scheduled trial. In a situation where you as the defendant failed to appear in court, the whole amount is forfeited to the court. However, if you honor the fixed dates, you get a refund of the whole amount within sixty to ninety days.

Property Bond

Under the property bond, you have the option of posting your assets with the court as a bond. When you fail to appear, the court has the leeway of commencing foreclosure against the property to raise the bail bond amount.

Surety Bond/Bail Bond

Surety bond serves as an alternative to cash bail. A surety bond is an undertaking between the defendant and a bondsman/agency licensed under the California State laws. The agency posts the bail to the court on behalf of the defendant. The defendant and his or her relative, in turn, are legally responsible for paying premiums equal to a predetermined amount of the full bail amount. The said premiums paid to the agency can either be in the form of collateral, cash, or assets. The agency has a strong obligation to ensure that the defendant does not fail to appear in court. For example, the agency will track you down and hand you over to court as need be. Most agencies will go an extra mile by having the defendant provide a co-signer who pledges the payment of the full bail amount if the defendant does not appear in court.

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