If you or a loved one has been arrested in El Monte, California, you can contact Alomar Bail Bonds to help secure your release. When you contact us, we will analyze your situation and come up with the best course of action that will ensure a swift discharge from jail.

The Difference Between Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail is the procedure for releasing a defendant from custody while guaranteeing public safety as well as subsequent court appearances. A bail bond, on the other hand, is a formal contract between the court and the defendant or a bail company and the defendant. Although cash bail is one of the most popular methods of posting bail money, bail bonds are gaining popularity. Regardless of the method used to post bail, when your loved one is released, he or she will be able to work closely with their attorney to get ready for court.

Bail bonds, like using cash bail, assist in ensuring that an offender will show up in court when required. The bond will subject the offender to the greatest principles of integrity till the matter is settled. Bail bondsmen are the main providers of bail bonds. They are licensed to offer these kinds of services under state legislation.

How El Monte Bail Amounts or Schedules are Set

California bail amounts are established at the county level, much like in other jurisdictions. Bail schedules for the same violation in a city like El Monte in Los Angeles County may differ from that in a city in Sacramento County. The amount of bail set will depend on several elements. The key factor in establishing the bail sum is the severity of the charge. If a bond is imposed at all for a petty crime or a misdemeanor, it will be set at the least amount possible.

In cases where the judge is certain that the offender can be depended upon to show up for court on his or her own accord, bail may not always be required. The likelihood that an offender won't be permitted to post bail at all increases with the seriousness of the offense. For major or violent offenses, bail might be set at $200,000 or even higher. The sum of bail also depends on the defendant's criminal record. The court may decide to raise bail for serial offenders since they are thought to be likely to perpetrate more offenses once they are free.

Lastly, the court may raise the bond sum or refuse to grant bail if they believe the prisoner is likely to flee. A past missed court attendance or bail forfeiture will undoubtedly raise a judge's concerns, so he or she will have to ensure that there is a high financial incentive for the defendant to attend court.

Posting Bail in El Monte

Bail gives defendants who are being held in custody the chance to obtain their release while they wait for their case to be heard. You will be allowed to bail out your loved one provided the purported crime meets the requirements of a “bondable crime” as per California statutes. Using cash bail could be a costlier alternative for getting your family or friend from jail. You may want to think about employing a bail bond that only charges a small fraction of the amount upfront to cover the cost of the entire bail on your behalf.

Making bail before a defendant's initial court hearing will lead to another hearing date being scheduled. If you make bail following your initial court session, the judge will authorize your discharge from jail. You must, nonetheless, pledge to show up in court on the next designated date. If you fail to fulfill this pledge, the judge will instantly revoke your bond.

If your bond is revoked, your El Monte bail bondsman will have no choice but to track you down and organize your transfer back to jail. You must consent to appear in court on subsequent days before you begin searching for a bail bonds company to help you. If you do not show up for court, you run the risk of being fined and having the bail money forfeited.

Who is a Bounty Hunter?

These are agents who act as bail enforcement officers. Their job is to locate fugitives who skip court dates. They are also referred to as skip tracers, fugitive recovery, or bail fugitive agents. They collaborate with bail companies to find and capture bail clients who have breached their terms. Once they have you in their custody, they will direct you to the appropriate courthouse or jail.

When someone skips bail, the bail bonds company typically hires a bounty hunter. The court will also serve an arrest warrant for your capture and your bail will be forfeited. If you skip a court date, speaking with your bail bondsman can assist you in avoiding these repercussions. The bail bondsman could help you set up another court date.

Court proceedings are usually strictly enforced. This is because they have many cases that could go unaddressed if the accused willfully fails to appear for a session.

What Happens After an Early Release?

You should not relax after the bondsman has fought tooth and nail to secure your bailout. You are already aware of the stress and frustration of being detained. As a result, you should primarily focus on ensuring that your trial is successful. Success entails avoiding a verdict that could land you in prison or jail. The measures you should undertake between your release and trial date are covered below:

Follow the Terms of Release

Your release pending prosecution carries conditions that you have to follow. If you have been granted bail, you must abide by these conditions because failing to do so could result in your release being revoked and the court ordering your arrest yet again, putting you back in jail. Don't assume that attending court proceedings is the only requirement. There are additional requirements along with this that you must satisfy.

Among the requirements of the discharge is to inform the judge as well as your bail bondsman of any changes to your contact information or workplace. You must inform the appropriate parties anytime you relocate or switch jobs.

Furthermore, avoid leaving your neighborhood because doing so could be interpreted as an attempt to flee the area, which would have your bond revoked. The judge could order you not to leave your home, neighborhood, county, or state.

Another requirement that you might have is to follow calls for bi-weekly reporting to the bail bondsman or the court. Additionally, while you are out of custody pending trial, you should avoid being arrested again or facing any other criminal charges. You can also be expected to provide occasional samples for testing for specific alcohol or drug charges.

Your bond could be forfeited for bail skipping and violating the bailout's terms. Furthermore, the court can issue a warrant for your re-arrest and subsequent incarceration.

Sometimes a breach of the conditions of release, such as skipping court, is unintentional, and you should not be penalized for it. If you do have a legitimate reason for missing a court hearing, you should notify the court as well as your bail provider so that you can reschedule. If you follow your release requirements, your bail will be returned when the case ends, whether you lose or win.

Keep Yourself Out of Trouble

Once you have been released, you should avoid getting into trouble. For example, if domestic abuse was the cause of the arrest, then you need to treat your family with dignity throughout this time and even after the case has been settled. Retain your position at work and abstain from all forms of intoxication as well as gatherings where people are intoxicated, such as bars and parties.

Additionally, you should retain a presentable look to avoid being judged solely based on appearance. Trim your facial hairs and have your hair and nails groomed such that the jurors do not perceive you as a criminal once you arrive in court. Rather, they will judge you based on your appearance, shifting their impression of you from being a criminal to being a respectable citizen.

Seek Legal Advice

You have an edge over the offender whose bail was denied since you can keep working and pay for the assistance of an accomplished criminal defense attorney. Only an attorney understands the court system, therefore it is critical to seek legal representation to receive a favorable outcome. However, since not all private attorneys are cut from the same cloth, you need to exercise caution when hiring one. You want one who understands your situation as well as how California laws apply to it because they have expertise in several fields.

Additionally, you want an attorney who will prioritize your case. You aren't choosing a public defender since they have many cases to resolve and might not devote any time or resources to help your case. Therefore, when choosing a lawyer, be sure they will prioritize your court case so they have enough time to review all the facts and formulate strong defenses.

Additionally, your attorney ought to be somebody you feel at ease with and who is courteous. You have to talk about all the relevant details, some of which you must disclose with a person you trust and are comfortable with.

Again, to improve your prospects of averting a jail sentence, your legal team must have a background in situations just like yours.

Be Punctual

Finally, you must arrive early for all your court appearances. By doing this, you display your dedication to upholding the law, your willingness to learn from your missteps, and your willingness to go to any lengths necessary to make things right.

It is inappropriate for you to avoid showing up in court since a warrant for your arrest could be issued instantly. You will forfeit your bail and freedoms until the following court date. Being law-abiding and following court orders is essential.

Benefits of a Using a Bail Agency

Benefits of working with a reputable El Monte bail agency include:

The Bail Bondsman Can Easily Locate the Arrested person

It is frustrating when you learn of your loved one's arrest but you have no idea where they're being held. An arrestee must hand over every one of their items to the booking official during the booking process. As a result, calling their phone and asking for their whereabouts is impossible since they are unable to do so. Knowing the location of someone like that becomes extremely difficult. Furthermore, you may not be aware of your loved one's whereabouts when they contact another person when granted the opportunity to place a single call.

However, finding the arrested person will be easier if you work collaboratively with a bail bond company. Bondsmen with experience know which doors to knock on to locate your family or friend in custody. A bail firm will communicate with police from different institutions or detention centers to locate the defendant and start the bailout operation.

Helps in the Payment of Bail

An unexpected incident like being arrested can lead to significant financial liabilities you never anticipated. Also, since you hardly ever save for a situation like this, looking for cash to settle bail can be a chore. Even though you possess the money on hand to post cash bail, you need to still engage a bondsman's assistance since the prosecution could question the authenticity of the cash. If the judge learns that the cash used to make bail is the result of illegal conduct like drug sales or fraud, it could significantly delay your release or possibly lead to the rejection of bail.

Fortunately, when you work with bail agencies, they will quickly settle your bail amount without looking into where the money came from. However, you must deposit a fee equal to 10 percent of the bail as payment for their services. After making the deposit, the firm will settle the remaining funds on your behalf, allowing your loved one to go home. However, since there is a chance that you won't pay the bail, the firm will want you to provide some sort of collateral.

You can use some of your possessions as security if you are helping a loved one get out of custody. The security could be a car, jewels, or even your family home. Your assets will be confiscated and auctioned off to recoup the money lost if the offender skips court and a bounty hunter is unable to find them.

Access to Professional Services

Sometimes, especially if it's a defendant's first arrest, they will not understand the bond process or even their rights. Therefore, despite your belief that the bonding system is straightforward and manageable on your own, you can be taken aback by the challenges and difficulties you encounter. But if you work with a bail bond business, you'll have access to professional services you might require for your bonding procedures. Your rights will also be safeguarded and the procedure will be hastened with professionals on standby to resolve any issues.

Less Likely to be Scrutinized by the Court

Remember that if you pay your bond in full upfront, the judge may feel compelled to inquire about the money's legitimacy. It may take some time for the court to request the necessary documents, which would postpone your release. It may take days or even weeks to collect bank records, tax clearance documents, and proof of ownership rights, which explains why you should refrain from paying bonds in full upfront.

On the other hand, whenever it concerns bail agencies, the court won't inquire about the origin of the funds they utilize to make bail on your behalf. If the bail bonds company has a license, it complies with all state regulations it is less likely to be probed. They can speed up your bailout by guaranteeing your release without drawing attention to themselves.

El Monte Jail and Court Addresses

The El Monte, California Police Department Custody Services Division is responsible for the management, custody, as well as care of those who have been arrested. They handle cash bail payments as well as bail bonds around-the-clock.

Anyone detained by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department will be taken to one of these two facilities. Jail information is provided below:

Inmate Reception Center

450 Bauchet St

Los Angeles, California 90012


Century Regional Detention Facility

11705 South Alameda St

Los Angeles, California 90059


The Division of Custody Services Division transports inmates to one among two of the following courthouses:

El Monte Superior Court

11234 Valley Blvd

El Monte, California 91731


Pomona Superior Court

400 Civic Center Plaza

Pomona, California 91766


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