An arrest can be a frustrating experience, especially when it is your first time. When the law enforcement officers arrest and charge you with an offense, you may be able to walk out of jail after posting bail. A criminal court judge determines the bail based on several factors like the nature of the alleged offense and your likelihood to appear at the scheduled court dates. Therefore when the police arrest you in San Gabriel, contact a well-insured and licensed bail bond agency.

At Alomar Bail Bonds, Our bondsmen are committed to offering efficient and fastest services possible. We take great pride in the reputation we have built for our clients in San Gabriel. With our 24/7 availability, we can work on your case anytime. Once we locate you or your loved spouse, we will ensure you secure your release and return home safely. Therefore do not wait. Contact us as soon as the law enforcement officers arrest you. Our primary focus is to protect your rights and information and help you resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

Bail vs. Bonds

In the criminal court, the two words are used interchangeably when setting bail. Bail includes the amount you post at the court for your release. Alternatively, a bond is an agreement between you, the court, and the bondsmen to secure your release. The court does not impose the bail to punish you. But the bail works as a way of securing the bail by abiding by certain conditions. In that sense, bail works like collateral. You leave the jail but appear at the scheduled court dates.

Arrest and Booking in Los Angeles

When the law enforcement officers arrest you, they take you to the police station. While at the station, you will undergo a booking process. Before you post the bail, you must undergo the booking exercise. During the process, the arresting officers make an official record. The process involves recording several things, including:

  • Recording your fingerprints
  • Recording your full names
  • Taking photos or mug shots
  • Screening for any contagious diseases like HIV and AIDS
  • Confiscating personal property

You are not entitled to a lawyer during this legal process. Remember any statement or evidence you make during the booking process can be used against you in a court of law. Ensure you consult your attorney in every critical step you are making.

The Various Types of Bail Bonds in San Gabriel

Are you seeking to post bail in California? Ensure you know the different types of bail bonds. Each type of bail bond is unique and best works for different cases. Remember, every case is different and attracts different amounts of bail. Several bail bonds are used more frequently than others. Therefore, you must speak with our San Gabriel bail bonds agents to ensure you understand the different types of bail bonds and the one that fits your case. The following are the common types of bail bonds:

  • Cash Bond

Cash bonds mean you pay the bail-in cash though several courthouses accept credit cards. The judge puts the bail high if the court wants to ensure you remain in custody. The court uses cash bonds when the judge thinks you are a flight risk or may pose a risk to the public. If you fail to appear at the court for the scheduled court dates, then the court  forfeits your bail. But if you comply with the court's orders, the court returns the bail upon sentencing.

  • Property Bonds

You can use your property as a way of securing your release. Usually, the property bonds involve items of value like a house, or a car, among other properties. The court places a claim or lien on the property. It means when you skip the predetermined court dates, the court can sell the property to recover the bail. Losing your beautiful car or home can attract financial misery in your life. So, ensure you stick to your agreement with the court when securing your bail.

  • Surety Bonds

These bail bonds are commonly used when the defendant cannot post the determining bail. Your close friends or relatives can contact a bail bond company. The bondsmen appear at the courthouse and agree to pay the ordered bail amount if you skip the scheduled court dates. The bail bond agents then charge your friends or relatives a certain amount or take possession of the collateral.

If you fail to show up at the court as ordered, or your close relative cannot pay the bondsmen, you can face severe consequences. The bondsmen can hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. Our San Gabriel bail bonds agents are here to help you post your bail through surety bonds.

  • Own Recognizance

When the criminal court decides to release you on your own recognizance, you will go home without paying the bail, but you must appear at the predetermined court dates. However, when you fail to adhere to the court conditions, the judge may order your arrest and remain in custody until your sentence. The court cannot allow this type of bail when your case is a violent felony or when you are a flight risk. Speak with your attorney to help you determine whether you qualify for this type of bail bond.

  • Immigration Bonds

If you are a non-American and face a criminal charge, you might be eligible for an immigration bail bond. The immigration bonds work similarly to other bonds like surety bonds since you pay the bail bond agents a premium. Upon securing the bail bond, you must attend the immigration hearings. Also, you must report to the immigration and customs enforcement department if the court orders deportation.

The court can issue a warrant for your re-arrest if you fail to appear for the immigration hearings. If you are an immigrant in the US seeking to post bail, speak with our San Gabriel bail bonds agents, and we will help post the bail.

  • Citation Release

The last type of bail applicable in California is released on citation. The bail bond is also known as “cite out”; however, the bail is issued by the arresting officers. The officers cite the law you violate and issue you a note to ensure you appear at the court proceedings. When you fail to appear at the predetermined court dates, you might land into more trouble. The court can issue arrest warrants against you and even face jail terms.

Bail Hearing in San Gabriel

Your criminal defense attorney may request the court to hold a proceeding to convince the judge to either reduce the bail or release you on your own recognizance. When the court grants you the release on your own recognizance, you will walk out of jail without posting bail. Again, the prosecutor may request the court proceeding when they feel the bail is low.

During the court hearing, the criminal court judge considers the arguments of the defense attorney and the prosecutor. The court ends the proceedings if your defense lawyer secures the release on your own recognizance. But if the criminal court denies you the release on your own recognizance, your attorney can request the court to reduce the bail. In many cases, the court hearing occurs during the arraignment. When deciding the bail amount, the judge considers several factors, including:

  • Public safety
  • Your past criminal records
  • The severity of the crime
  • Your probability of appearing at the courthouse as ordered
  • Your employment status
  • Your ties with your family, work, and relatives

When setting bail, the main priority is public safety. Public safety is a significant concern when you are charged with a severe or violent crime. Usually, the court uses the bail schedules to set the bail. The bail schedule has a list of presumed bail for specific cases. In some instances, the judges differ with the bail schedule by either increasing or reducing the bail amount.

During the bail hearing, the prosecutor may raise several facts about you that the judge is unaware of. For example, the prosecutor may argue you violated the parole or the probation. Remember, the judges have discretion when it comes to setting bail. So, it would help if you worked closely with a well-skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to secure your bail.

Posting Bail with Bondsmen in San Gabriel

You can post your bail by hiring a well licensed and insured bail bond company. Remember, the court may set the bail at a high amount, making you unable to pay the bail. That is why bondsmen are there to help you post the bail and secure your release. The bondsmen will ask for a fee of around ten percent of your bail. For example, when the criminal court judge sets your bail at $40,000, the bondsmen will charge you $400.

After paying the fee, the bondsmen deliver your bail to the courthouse. By doing so you walk out of jail. Note that the premium paid to the bail bond agents is not refunded back. The bondsmen also allow you to place an item of value as collateral, especially when your bail is huge. In many cases, the bondsmen accept only real property like land since it cannot disappear.

The court forfeits the bail once you do not show up at the criminal court as planned. If you had placed an item of property to work as collateral, the court could sell the property. Ensure you work with your criminal defense attorney throughout the legal process to secure your release as soon as possible.

When you pay cash bail, you risk forfeiting the total amount. The same applies to you when you post the bail using the bondsmen. As mentioned above, when you post the bail by placing an item as collateral, the property is at risk of being sold. If you don’t put collateral, the bondsmen can work with bounty hunters.

The bondsmen pay the bounty hunters a percentage of the bail once they find you. In California, the law gives the hunters the authority to hunt and take you to jail. The court provides the bondsmen a period to return the defendant and return them to custody.

What are the Potential Conditions of Bail in Los Angeles?

If the judge decides to reduce your bail, they may also inflict conditions. Also, the court can allow your attorney to suggest several conditions as they try to challenge the judge to reduce your bail. It means the court places the conditions in return for your release. The following are the potential conditions the court will impose upon your release:

  • House arrest
  • Staying away from contacting the alleged victim
  • Staying within the state
  • Wearing a secure continuous remote alcohol monitor
  • Avoiding taking alcohol
  • Surrendering your driving license and passport

Why Work with Our San Gabriel Bail Bonds company

When the law enforcement officers arrest your loved ones, ensure you work with the best bondsmen to assist you secure your release fast. Remember, time is the essence. Therefore you should not waste time working with untrained and inexperienced bondsmen. Our San Gabriel bail bond agents are ready to ensure you walk out of jail as soon as possible and resume your activities. The following reasons justify why you want to hire our bondsmen:

Skilled and Experienced

After the police arrest your spouse, the first thing you wish to do is consider your privacy. Our attorneys have experience in what they offer. We know you do not want everyone to know whether your spouse is behind bars. We ensure our files and paperwork remain secure and confidential. So, we protect your rights regardless of your situation.

Low Fees and Rates

Our bondsmen are the best in whatever they do. We understand how essential it is to obtain what you pay for. We ensure our fees remain the lowest compared to other bail bond companies. We also offer discounts for certain cases. We do not harass you since we provide a payment method and option that match your financial ability. We are aware the arrest happens when many people least expect it. Again we know many people do not save money to pay their bail. Ensure you work with our caring and well-trained bail bond agents.

No Hidden or Extra Fees

Many bondsmen are everywhere to advertise false schemes targeting to attract many customers to their businesses. But our San Gabriel bail bond company is honest and transparent in offering bail services. We respect and trust our clients. Without bondsmen, we do not add extra fees or any hidden fees.

We do not punish our clients by asking for extra fees when they accidentally fail to appear in court as ordered. You are rest assured our bondsmen will charge the agreed fees. We even help you to differentiate and understand between bail revocation and forfeiture. So, work today with our honest and transparent bail bond agents.

24/4 Bail Services

You can break the law knowingly or accidentally at any time of the day, either nighttime or daytime. It means the law enforcement officers can arrest you anytime you least expect it. At this time, you want to work with a bail bond company that offers 24/7 bail bond services. Our San Gabriel bail bond company is available whenever our clients require our services during the weekdays, holidays, or even weekends.

You can also arrange for your bail via email, fax, or internet. We do not have recording calls or answering machines. Our bondsmen are well trained and work tirelessly to create a positive relationship with the customers. Our ethical standards, dedication, and professionalism have earned our company respect and admiration.

We Offer Legal Help Throughout the Legal Process

Note your case does not end after you post the bail. An arrest can be a frustrating experience, especially when it is your first time. You want to work with a bondsman who will help you understand what to do after posting the bail. You also want to understand specific unique words used interchangeably during the legal process. Our bondsmen are ready to help you until your case trial. So do not panic about what to do after posting the bail. We will help you understand the legal process and even represent you in court when necessary.

Court and Jail Information in San Gabriel

San Gabriel Police

625 South Del Mar Avenue

San Gabriel, California 91776


Temple City Jail

8837 East Las Tunas

Temple City, California 91780


LASD Intimate Detention

11705 Alameda Street

Los Angeles, California 90059


El Monte Police Station

11333 Valley Blvd

El Monte, California 91732


Santa Monica Court

1725 Main street

Santa Monica, California 90401


San Gabriel sky Courthouse

402 South Gabriel Blvd

San Gabriel, California 91776

Nmlcp Courthouse

327 East Blvd

San Gabriel, California 91776


Los Angeles Superior Courthouse

150 West Commonwealth Avenue

Alhambra, California 91801


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