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If you or your loved one has been arrested, Alomar Bail Bonds can walk you through each stage of the bail bond process, ensuring you get out of custody as easily and quickly as possible. We offer the most reliable and affordable bail services in Pasadena and neighboring cities. We can also post bail for you anywhere across the United States, except for Illinois and Oregon, where they do not allow bail bonds. We offer multilingual services in both English as well as Spanish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days to make sure you receive the help you need, whenever you need it. Get in touch with Alomar Bail Bonds today at 626-449-4118.

If You or Your Loved One Has Been Arrested, Do Not Hesitate. Get in Touch with Alomar Bail Bonds Today!

Alomar Bail Bonds is a family-owned and run bail bonds firm that has been providing bail bond services for the last 22 years. We have earned our reputation in the industry as being among the most trustworthy companies in the region.

Whenever you contact Alomar Bail Bonds, you'll speak to Albert and Omar, who will help you make decisions regarding your situation. We work diligently to provide you with quick, stress-free, and dependable bail bond services for our clients. We are committed to providing you with a satisfactory and professional experience when you work with us.

Unlike many corporate Bail Bond Services, where issues are assessed from the perspective of the corporation, we look at situations from the perspective of the client. We make decisions as though we were the ones on the other end of the line, and we'll give you candid advice to assist you in deciding whether paying the bail is the right course of action. Not every case demands posting bail.

We're not only concerned about collecting your money in the same way that a corporation's staff is; for them, it's all about getting their paychecks. However, for us, it's about ensuring that our company is around for at least the next 22 years. And that means treating every client with honesty and the utmost respect. We've been in this fiercely competitive industry for 22 years by doing business the right way and treating our customers with the respect they deserve..

Most of our past clients, and attorneys, will bear witness to the fact that we always do a good job and make every effort to guarantee that all our clients’ expectations are fulfilled. Alomar Bail Bonds believes in being transparent about our procedures and charges, and we'll never impose any hidden fees as many other agencies do.

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What We Do

Our bail bonds firm strives to make the jail release procedure as simple as possible for our customers. When you or your loved one has been arrested and held in custody, finding funds or a lender to offer you money for bail might be difficult. You need to get in touch with us to get bail solutions that will help you or your loved one get out of custody. Calling the correct bail agency when a friend or relative has been detained could make a huge difference in how you'll accomplish getting him/her out of custody as well as how the issue is handled.

At Alomar Bail Bonds, we'll work collaboratively with you to have your dear one out of police custody as soon as possible. After we complete the transaction and post the full bail amount, you will be allowed to leave custody, and we charge a portion of the value of the bail as our service charge.

We know that finances nowadays play a significant role in our affairs, and the unanticipated cost of making bail might not be the best news. However, in comparison to the significant financial burden that you might face while paying the amount out of your pocket, enlisting the assistance of a bail bonds business is a practical and more cost-effective alternative. Even when you are not financially prepared for this expense, we'll work towards developing a repayment plan that ensures you'll be equipped to make payment installments without going into debt.

Bail Bond Services

Alomar Bail Bonds is a bail bond firm that offers 24-hour assistance to assist you in getting out of jail quickly. We've been in service for more than two decades and have a solid reputation for providing excellent service. We recognize that this might not be a good time for you, hence why we provide several services to assist you or your loved one in getting out of jail swiftly, irrespective of the scenario.

We also have experience in handling cases for attorneys and bail bond firms. There are a variety of situations in which you may want our case management expertise. For example, if you need assistance locating a fugitive, following up with bail clients who have fallen behind on their payments, handling bond surrenders, or if you need somebody to guide and encourage you throughout the bail procedure.

Please get in touch and we'll give you an accurate and direct response, free of hidden costs or the lure and switch tactics employed by many corporations, so you can get yourself, your friend, or your family member from jail right away without denting your pocket.

We walk you through the bonding process so you can get the release you are seeking as soon as possible. We will assist you in navigating the complicated world of bail bonds so that you are fully aware of the procedures, your or your loved one's constitutional rights, as well as your obligations.

At Alomar Bail Bonds:

  • Our payment arrangements are straightforward
  • There are no hidden fees or annual fees, ensuring our services remain both reasonable and accessible for everyone
  • There are no annual fees when the case lasts longer than a year. We only charge a one-time fee
  • There are no posting or travel fees (for whenever we are scheduled to come to you or go to court)
  • No fees for reinstatement (when we are required to file paperwork to have your bond Reinstated)
  • There are no charges for document preparation (we don't charge for the document preparation required to secure your bond)
  • There are no charges for filing a petition in court (Alomar Bail Bonds does not charge you for preparation or court appearances for any petitions associated with your bail, including Penal Code 1275 motions)

We provide quick and effective services that guarantee same-day discharge — in most cases, your family or friend will be released on the day you seek bail.

Providing Quick And Effective Services for Over 29 Years.

The Bail Bond Process

When learning about how bail bonds function, it's more reasonable, to begin with the basics. The following is a comprehensive summary of how the bail bond procedure in California works, beginning with the defendant's arrest.

Bookings and Processing

Once someone has been arrested and brought into custody, they will first stop at the nearest sheriff's office or police department. He/she will then be taken through the booking and processing procedures.

This is the stage at which fingerprints and pictures are taken, then a background inquiry is performed. After that, the defendant's bail is set according to California's Bail Schedule in the region in which they were arrested.

Bail is Set

Judges use the Bail Schedule to determine the sum of bail for specific crimes. This enables the jail to determine bail for an arrestee.

Contact a Bail Bondsman to Begin the Bail Process

The very first thing you need to do is contact a qualified and experienced bail bondsman. He/she will ask you several quick questions about the offender as well as details regarding their arrest, and then the process will commence.

Fill out the Bail Application and the Bail Contract

A bail application, as well as a contract, will be prepared based on the details you gave. It's brief paperwork that you can quickly fill in via email or fax if you can't meet with your bail bondsman in person.

The bail bondsman will then be sent to the facility to deposit the bond when all of the proper documentation has been completed and payments have been made. Bail bonds in California jails can be paid 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Defendant is Released on Bail

When the paperwork is finished and the payment is made, the bail bondsman will deposit the bail, securing the defendant's release. Based on the facility, personnel, and conditions of the offender, it might take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 12 hours after the bond has been posted for the accused to be freed.

Bail bonds enable an offender to make bail that he/she wouldn't have been capable of otherwise affording. At Alomar Bail Bonds, we take a premium from the entire bail sum – often 10%. This is usually a non-refundable fee. In most cases, we will ask for collateral to secure the bond. Below are commonly asked questions about bail bonds.

A bail bond is a payment made on behalf of a defendant by a bail bonds agency. Bail is the sum a defendant must settle to be discharged from jail before his or her trial. The bond will be reimbursed if the accused makes bail and thereafter attends all mandatory court hearings and follows the conditions of his/her release. The full bail sum will be forfeited if the accused fails to show up to court.

Bail bonds allow offenders to make bail even when their finances make it impossible for them to do so on their own. Offenders can make bail using services offered by a bail bond. This allows them to be released from custody before their hearing. Defendants must, nevertheless, pay their bondsman a certain percentage of the bail sum to secure their release. Even though the offender follows every one of the rules of the pretrial release, this amount is not refundable.

Bail bondsmen are individuals or businesses who make bail for offenders held in police custody. They are for-profit businesses that make revenue by charging fees for bail bond transactions and bail posting. They also profit by claiming any assets used as security during the bail bond repossessed. Bondsmen can earn profits in certain states by returning an offender who had skipped bail back to court. These bail bondsmen, often called bounty hunters, can then take a percentage of the bond sum that the accused has forfeited.

Persons who obtain a bail bond but then fail to show up in court risk forfeiting their bail. The bail bond agent will also attempt to exercise his/her claim to the security that secured that bail bond.

Bondsmen will usually go to significant lengths to ensure that the offender shows up for trial before his or her bail is lost. They might also follow up on the defendants the day before their court date. Some might even try to physically bring the offender to the courtroom.

When the defendant fails to appear in court, a warrant for their arrest will almost certainly be granted. The warrant will be served when law enforcement finds the defendant. If the baseline offense was filed as a misdemeanor, such as a first-time DUI charge, officers are unlikely to search for the defendant to execute the warrant. However, if the act was more serious, they will go out of their way to find the defendant.

When the defendant fulfills all of the conditions of his/her pretrial discharge, the bondsman will be reimbursed the entire sum of bail that was paid. However, the payment made to secure the bail bond isn't refundable to the accused.

Based on the operational hours of the facility, you may be able to bail somebody out during the weekend. This also involves working with a bail bond company such as Alomar Bail Bonds. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for people who want bail assistance.

There's no set cost for a domestic abuse offense. The court determines the sum of bail based on various variables, such as the jurisdiction where the crime happened, the gravity of the offense, if you or your loved one has previous offenses (strikes), previous probation violations, and more.

A co-signer or a guarantor is someone who agrees to be financially liable for the accused when they're out of custody on bail, including insuring the entire sum of the bail amount.

When the court procedures are completed, the bail bond is said to have been exonerated. It makes no difference whether the accused is charged and convicted or not, or if the charges against him or her are dropped. The bail money is reimbursed during this period. Any unpaid premiums or any other charges levied by the bail agent must still be settled.

During the bail hearing, individuals who've been detained in pretrial custody because they can't afford to make bail can seek a bail reduction.

In California, offenders in jail have the right to a bail revision hearing within five days of their initial bail setting. Prosecutors must provide at least two days of written notification before the hearings if the crime was a major crime or even a domestic abuse offense

Defendants, as well as their criminal defense lawyers, can request the following during the bond hearing:

  • A bail reduction, or
  • A discharge on the defendant's recognizance

Many states' criminal justice systems, including California's, give courts a lot of leeways when it comes to setting bail. Judges in California, nonetheless, must still assess the following elements when determining a bail sum:

  • The defendant's financial capability
  • The gravity of the crime
  • The criminal history of the defendant
  • If the judge believes the offender will not appear in court in the future
  • Security of the public


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