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Even for someone who has been to jail before, no one wants to spend time in a jail cell. If you have been arrested, it’s important to consider the help of a bail bonds company if you don’t want to spend more time in custody. The right bail agents will know what to do to quickly resolve the matter at hand as well as ensure that the case ahead is dealt with as efficiently as possible. If you are in Arcadia, CA, Alomar Bail Bonds is your best bet for a quick solution that will keep you or your family out of jail, especially if you are not able to raise the required amount for a cash bail.

The Idea Behind Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested, the first thing that happens is that you are booked and placed under police custody. The booking mainly entails recording your personal information, information about the alleged crime, and confirming if you have any criminal record among other things.  After that, you will be arraigned in court, where your formal charges will be read, and then you will be given a chance to arrange for your release.

The authorities’ main concern is if you will show up in the future for your court dates. Sometimes, all they ask for is a written promise that you will honor the court dates. However, depending on the nature of the crime committed, your criminal record, and whether or not you are a harm to the community, the written agreement may not be enough. This is where bail bonds come in.

A bail bond is a financial guarantee that the accused will appear in court on the set dates. A set amount of money is paid as bail to obtain the release of the accused person from police custody in addition to a promise to appear in court on all the scheduled dates for criminal proceedings. If by the end of the criminal proceedings you have shown up in court as per the agreement, the bail money will be refunded. If not, you could be arrested again, losing all the bail amount.

The Role of Bail Bond Companies

Bail processes vary greatly from one court to the other, but in most cases, a court will hold a hearing to determine if the accused will be granted bail or not and if so, how much money is appropriate. In the court hearing, a few things will be considered:

  • The accused’s mental and physical condition
  • Family responsibilities (if you are the sole breadwinner)
  • Financial status
  • Criminal record
  • How long the person has been a resident in that community

If it is established that you are eligible for bail, the court will proceed to set the bail amount then request a total or a specified amount of that bail to be paid in court to secure your release. One is allowed to pay the bail in cash, or use an approved cash alternative such as the use of a check or money order.

A bail bond company is essential in the event that you cannot afford to post your own bail. The courts allow the accused persons to contract a bail bond company to pay as well as ensure the bond on their behalf. Bail bond companies in Arcadia, CA, charge a nonrefundable fee, ranging between 10-20% of the total bail. For this, the bond agent will agree to pay the remaining amount of money to the court if you fail to show up in court for the proceedings.

The help of a bail bond agent is paramount. Staying in jail for the length of time your case will be heard and determined can be wasted time rather than preparing for the case.

Again, some people are wrongly accused and in such a case, keeping them in jail before their case may be unfair.  You do not want to see someone who is innocent stay in jail awaiting court.

Furthermore, the court sets a higher amount of bail to put pressure on the accused person to honor the court dates. Most people are usually unprepared financially to pay such a huge amount of money. For just a small fee, a bail bond company will ensure that the bond is paid on time to secure your release as soon as you are arrested.

Find a Bail Bond Company Near Me

As soon as you are arrested, it is important to get in touch with a reputable bail bond company near you. If you are within Arcadia, CA, get in touch with Alomar Bail Bonds via 626-449-4118 immediately. An agent will personally meet you to answer any questions you might have and help get the process started.

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