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For all of us, the last place you wish to find yourself is in the jail cell. But you may still find yourself in jail, and the first concern for almost all people is how to get out as soon as possible. The constitution lays out different release options, and the court will decide your release mostly depending on the severity of your case, your criminal background, and flight risk. In most cases, bail is the most popular option.

Getting the total bail amount instantly can be a hurdle for most defendants, hence, the need for bail bonds services. Below is information on bail bonds for residents in Covina, CA, and its surrounding areas as addressed by experienced agents from Alomar Bail Bonds.

Police Booking

After an arrest, you are taken under custody where you are booked and processed. During booking, the officer:

  • Records personal information,
  • Records details on the crime committed,
  • Gets your fingerprints and photograph details,
  • Reviews your criminal background, and
  • Confiscates all your personal belongings like keys, purse, or phone and later books you into the jail cell.

After booking, the authorities can now determine which release option best fits your case. In most cases, first time or petty offenders are released on the written citation basis. Here, you are required to sign a citation agreeing to appear before the court on a given date and you are immediately set free. This is the quickest and cheapest option because no agents are involved.

Release by Own Recognizance

If you are not released on a written citation basis, you then proceed to the arraignment stage. Your charges are formally read to you. At this stage, the court can decide to release you on your own recognizance. Here, you promise through writing to appear in court for the hearing. If you fail to appear for the proceedings as agreed, the court then issues a fresh warrant of arrest. Several considerations are made before the judge settles for this option. They include:

  • The intensity of the offense
  • The possibility of fleeing the state
  • Your criminal record
  • If you pose danger to your accuser or the society in general

Release by Bail

In some cases, the courts may feel that written commitments are not enough to guarantee the release of defendants. In such circumstances, then bail is the only left option. Generally, bail is the money paid to the court for your release. The money is an assurance that you will appear in court punctually for all your sessions. If you oblige to all the proceedings, then the bail is refunded in full amount. If you don’t, the court orders for your re-arrest, and you forfeit the total amount. The following considerations are crucial when granting bail:

  • Your health condition
  • Your financial capability
  • Your record on appearance in courts and general criminal record
  • Your society and family ties
  • Your drug abuse history
  • The threat you pose to the accuser and community at large

On top of the monetary guarantee, the district attorney may decide to give several restrictions upon release. These include issuance of travel bans, abrogation of your gun ownership rights, or recommend several tests and treatments.

Bail Bond Services

After the amount is set, you’re required to pay the total amount or a given percentage to the jail/ court immediately before you can be released. Cash or cash substitutes such as money orders and cashier checks are mostly accepted in Covina, CA. After successfully posting the amount, the court issues a release order. If you cannot raise the total amount, then don’t worry. Contact a bail bonds agent like Alomar Bail Bonds and your bail will be sorted instantly.

How Do Bail Bondsmen Operate?

Bail bond agents will help you to pay the total amount of bail at a non-refundable fee of between 10% and 20% of the bail amount. However, before the bail is processed, you should provide the following details: name, employment records, date of birth, alleged charges, arrest date, place of detention, and the required bail amount. After authenticating this information, the agent immediately remits the funds and you are released.

The Pros of Hiring a Bail Bonds Agent

  1. Time-saving: A lot of time is typically wasted trying to accumulate the bail amount, and in some cases, it may never be possible. However, bail bond agents are just a call away, and if you meet their threshold, the funds are usually sent immediately;
  2. Cost effective: Bail bond agents only ask for a 10 to 20 percent incentive, helping you save up to 90 percent if you were to pay on your own;
  3. Access to professional advice: Acquiring bail can be a stressful experience, especially if the offense is your first-time. However, bail bond agents take over the whole process and even provides advice where necessary.

Get Bail Bonds Service Near Me

Alomar Bail Bonds have over two decades of experience in the bail bonds business in and around Covina, CA. We offer competitive rates and all our agents are well-trained to provide professional advice where necessary. Contact us today by calling 626-449-4118 and we will be more than obliged to offer our expert help.

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