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In the unfortunate event that you are required to pay bail yet, you cannot raise the set amount, a surety bonds company would help you by posting bail on your behalf. Not only that, the agency should also educate you to ensure you understand the bail process and the available bond options for the particular offense. Whether you want someone to help you bail a friend or relative or you just want to learn how the bail process works in Pomona, CA, you can contact Alomar Bail Bonds for professional help.

The General Description of Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail implies a given amount that upon your arrest, the court demands that you pay in exchange for your freedom. The amount is meant to free you as you wait for your trial. Furthermore, disbursing the amount will help reduce congestion and a possible increase in jail space. Settling the bail amount will also serve as an assurance to the court that you will heed to the court’s orders to attend its proceedings.

Often, the amount of bail that the courts may demand could be higher, and hence, you might be unable to meet such amount. As such, a bail bonds company will help meet the bail amount and support your release from custody. The agency will meet part or the whole of the bail in the form of bond, otherwise termed as a surety bond. By paying on your behalf, the agency carries the responsibility of ensuring that you present yourself in court any time you are called upon. However, before representing you, the agency will demand that you pay them some money as fees or premiums.

The bail agency employs the services of agents, usually called bondsmen. Some of their responsibilities include completing any of the essential paperwork and receiving the agreed service fee. Also, the bondsmen have a duty of tracking your progress and if you default the orders, they will monitor and possibly take you back to the court.

There exist a variety of bail bonds that you can use in Pomona. Some of them include cash bonds, surety bonds, and assets bonds. Cash bonds are usually paid instantly by the defendants or their relatives/ friends through cash or electronic money transfers. On the other hand, surety bonds involve the use of a surety bonds company to post the bail, while property bonds apply where a property is used instead of cash to secure the defendant’s release from jail.

Important Information Associated With Bail Bonds

  1. Apprehension/Arrests

Apprehension or arrests occur following a hint that the police receives about your involvement in a crime. The police may also arrest you if they have a substantial reason to suspect you of a crime. After apprehension, you’re placed in police custody, and later in a correctional facility, until your fate is determined.

  1. Booking in the Jail

Upon your arrival in jail or any correctional facility, you are booked. The process involves a variety of activities, for instance, a photo is taken. Any personal information such as names and area of residence are also recorded. Also, your fingerprints are collected upon which they are fed into the state’s criminal database to find out if you have any unresolved criminal case and charges. Any other personal property is also taken and withheld in the jail’s storage units.

  1. Bail Negotiation/ Hearing

Bail option is not always automatic. The court, while you are still under police supervision, holds a hearing in which your fate regarding bail is discussed. They not only discuss whether to give you bail or not but also the amount you should raise. At this point, several factors are considered such as the connections you have with the community and your possibilities of fleeing after you are released. The court also considers the nature of your crime, the risk your release poses to the public, the responsibilities you have in your family, and your criminal history. 

The Process of Acquiring a Bail Bond

If you have been granted the option to bail, you are expected to post the amount immediately. If you cannot do this, you are allowed to contact a bondsman to post the bail for you. Even though the agency will ask you several questions, the process is swift and can take ten minutes to complete. The questions revolve around your personal information, residence, the type of crime, and whether you have any underlying criminal history. Such information is vital in determining how risky you are to avoid the court’s proceedings. When the bonds agent has agreed with you, they will then have your bail amount posted. 

Getting a Bonds Agent Near Me

It may be true that you cannot anticipate an arrest and spending time in jail. But this is something that happens frequently, and you need to be prepared for such a situation. If you are unsure about choosing a reliable bail bond agency in Pomona, CA, Alomar Bail Bonds is an established bonds company that is ready to listen and offer the help you need. For any questions or a free consultation, give us a call at 626-449-4118 today!

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