Navigating the California legal process might be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when unfamiliar with the bail bond process. You want first to understand how the bail works in California, the process of posting the bail, and the available options which suit your case. So, you want to work with an experienced bail bond agent to help you post your bail.

At Alomar Bail Bonds, we have a successful track record and extensive experience handling the bail bond process. Through our dedicated representation, the court can reduce or eliminate your bail freeing you from financial burden. Remember, you have the opportunity to fight your charges better when out of the detention facility than while in custody. Call our attorneys anytime, and they will help answer any questions about the bail requirements, hearings, options, or court procedures.

What is Bail?

You have probably heard the term bail before. Bail is associated with the arrestee. When the police arrest you, they determine a court date for you to appear in court later. Usually, you have two options. The first option is to remain in custody until the court dates. The second option involves posting bail. In California, bail is the money you pay at the courthouse to secure your release. The bail works as an assurance you will show up at the scheduled court dates. Once you appear at the court as ordered, the court returns your money.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an agreement between you, the court, and the surety. The law allows you to use the services of bondsmen while posting your bail. For example, instead of paying the total amount, you can hire bondsmen where you only pay them a percentage of the bail. However, the bondsmen can require you to place collateral while securing your bail. If you fail to show up at the criminal court as ordered, the bondsmen have the authority to own and sell the property to retain their money.

Arrest and Booking in Pomona

After you face an arrest, the police will head to the nearest jail. After arriving in prison, the officers want to book your records. Booking records provide information about people brought to prison. The booking process creates arrest records. The booking process is slowest and may take hours to complete. How long you take depends on the number of arrestees booked and the number of police officers involved in the booking process. The booking process involves the following activities:

  • Recording your name and the crime your suspect faced arrest for
  • Take a mugshot
  • Taking your clothing and personal property into custody
  • Taking fingerprints
  • Performing full body search
  • Checking for warrants
  • Health screening
  • Taking DNA sample

Types of Bail Bond in Pomona

Bail bonds are categorized into various types. All bail bonds are not written similarly. The judges consider several factors determining the bond you can apply for your case. The factors include the crime, your criminal history, and where you were arrested. Each type has unique requirements that you want to meet. The types include:

  • Surety Bond

The bond is issued through the bail bond company. In surety bond, the bail bond agency pays the bail amount entirely. The judge sets the amount you pay for the bail. They use the facts surrounding your case to set the bail amount. The bail bond agency makes the payment assuming that the defendant will pay the amount back in full. It costs you ten percent of your bail up front for incentive purposes. The ten percent guarantees the agency receives part of their investment back. The legal procedure for obtaining a Surety Bail Bond is as follows:

  • The law enforcement officers arrest you.
  • The criminal court judge sets the bail amount depending on your crime
  • You are informed of your financial responsibilities
  • You contact the bail bond company

The bail bond company pays the bail after placing a 10 percent fee on collateral. Lastly, you are free but want to attend your court dates. In case you skip bail, the police will arrest you.

  • Cash Bail Bond

A cash bail bond refers to a bail bond paid in full using cash. Coming out of jail is very simple when you have enough cash to pay your bail. After attending all your court dates and your case ends, you will have your money back. However, if you do not attend all the court dates, you will not receive the amount back during your case.

  • Property Bond

A property Bond refers to a bail bond paid for by property collateral. Property bonds are not accepted in all states. To set up a property Bond in California, you want to use the full right of the property as collateral. You cannot use partial properties. An example of a property bond is real estate.

  • Recognizance Release

Recognizance release is a desirable type of bail. In recognizance release, the judge determines you, the defendant of the case, has been granted freedom of trust. In other words, you are released on recognizance and await trial from home without paying bail. The citation is up to the citing officers; you cannot appeal for a citation release bond alone.

  • Immigration Bonds

Immigration Bond is exclusive for non-US citizens. You only qualify for the bonds if you commit an offense in the state and you are an immigrant. The immigration bonds have strict requirements as they are complicated. Also, the bonds take an extensive period to complete. You do not want to handle this type of bail bond alone. Always hire an attorney with years of experience to handle your immigration bail bond.

How is Bail Set in Pomona?

To set the bail, the court considers the nature of the offense. Every county in California has its bail schedule for each crime. The bail varies from $20,000 to millions for violent offenses like murder, drug trafficking, sexual assault, and kidnapping. Posting the bail is challenging for both you and your family. Note the percentage you pay to the bail bond agents is non - refundable.

Bail Hearing in Pomona

During the bail hearing, the judge determines whether to eliminate, reduce or increase the bail. Usually, the judge has the authority to decide whether to reduce, increase, or stop the bail. However, the judge considers several factors when making their determination. The factors considered include:

  • The nature and the circumstance surrounding your case.
  • The severity of the charge.
  • Your past criminal records.
  • The general safety of the public after your release.
  • Your ties with your family and friends.

If you do not post bail and remain in jail, the court will give you a bail review hearing from when the court set the original bail. During the bail hearing, you may request the judge to release you on your own recognizance. If this is your case, you will walk out of jail without posting a prison but promise that you will show up at the scheduled court dates. The criminal court judge will also ensure you are not a flight risk. Securing your release through your own recognizance is a sign of showing trust.

Whether the court will reduce your bail, eliminate it, or increase it during the bail hearing usually depends on the skills and experience of your criminal defense attorney. But, the judge places certain conditions on your release. You must ensure you adhere to the requirements.

What Charges Require You to Post a Bail Bond?

Many crimes in California qualify for bail bonds. The court requires you to use cash bonds when the alleged offense is minor. Usually, the cash bond should not exceed $ 1000. Also, you must pay the cash bond only in cash and at the jail. When the bail is small, you will likely not require the services of bondsmen. Remember, the criminal charges in California are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies based on the nature of the crime. If you want to know more about the charges you are facing, you should seek legal help from your criminal defense attorney.

When the crime is severe or you face multiple charges, the court requires you to appear at the arraignment hearing. During the hearing, the criminal court judge may decide to deny you bail if they believe you are a risk to the public's safety or you may escape. Although the 8th amendment allows you to post bail after your arrest, the judge has the discretion to deny you the bail. So, ensure you always work closely with your criminal defense attorney to help you learn more about posting bail in California.

What Happens When the Court Issues an Arrest Warrant?

Sometimes you may find an arrest warrant before your official arrest. So what should you do next? If this is your case, the first step is to contact a well-insured and licensed bail bond company. Our Pomona bail bond agent works on your application and ensures you post bail immediately after your arrest. If you are ready, we can walk to the jail with you. Showing yourself at the court plays a critical role when the court decides to set your bail. Our agents are available to ensure they post the bail after you have been charged. But whether you want to appear at the detention facility or the arresting officers have already arrested you, our agents are on your side and ready to help you throughout the legal process.

What Happens If you Fail to Appear in Court

You want to turn up to your court dates, but mistakes happen, and you may fail to appear in court. When you fail to appear in court, you want to be ready for the consequences. The consequences for failing to appear in court include:

Arrest Warrant

The criminal court judge issues an arrest warrant in your name for failing to appear in court. After the arrest warrant is given, you can be taken into custody. Once in custody, you may stay in jail until a hearing on your failure to appear.

Suspension of Your Driver's License

The judge can suspend your driver's license once you fail to appear in court. The suspension will be effective until you appear in court and address your failure to appear in court.

Additional Charges

When you appear for the court date, you already have two charges hanging over your head. One of the crimes is failing to appear in court, and you could also be guilty of the initial offense.

Why Go Pomona Bail Bond Agency?

The bail process in California can be complex. So, you want to hire a good bail bond agency to help secure your release. An experienced bail bond agent will make your bail process easy. Also, you will post the bail quickly and join your loved ones. Working with our Pomona bail bonds agents will enjoy the following benefits.

Licensed and Insured Agency

The law in California requires the bail bond companies in operation to be well insured and licensed. Before the bail bond company becomes insured and licensed, it must meet specific requirements. Upon meeting these requirements, the state provides recognition to the agency. At Alomar Bail Bonds, we have obtained both certifications enabling us to offer qualitative bail bond services.

In addition, our bail bond agents undergo training before they gain experience in the field of bail bonds to build on exceptional bail services to our clients. Throughout our decades of work, we have helped numerous clients post bail while ensuring they do not face any difficulties with their release.

We Offer Support Throughout the Bail Process

Undergoing detention after your arrest might be a problematic experience both for you and your family. Our Pomona bail bond agents understand the need to obtain your release within the shortest time possible. We offer any additional assistance, including each step you take during the process of posting bail. Also, we share all the details you require to post the bail. Each action brings you close to walking out of the detention facility. Lastly, we keep on updating you on any development made during the legal process.

Experienced Bondsmen

Every arrest is unique and comes with different circumstances. That’s why you require the services of a wee experienced bail bond agent after your arrest. Working with a bondsman without knowledge of posting bail will only worsen your situation. Our Pomona bail bond agents are well trusted by thousands of clients in and across California. We offer unmatched bail bond services. When you call, our professionals will answer your questions and provide the legal assistance you require.

We Do Not Offer Hidden/Extra Fees

It is common for many bail bond companies to advertise fake schemes to attract many clients. Later these kinds of bondsmen charge extra hidden fees. However, Our Pomona bail bond agents believe in transparency. We charge our clients the agreed fee. Also, if you fail to appear in court due to uncontrolled factors, we never charge you extra fees. We even represent you at the court when need be. Again, we ensure our clients understand any agreement before they sign. So, work closely with our bondsmen today for the best outcomes for your case.

Our Fees and Rates are the Lowest

We believe we are the best in whatever we do. We do everything to ensure our fees remain the lowest and you receive what you pay for. Under certain circumstances, we provide discounts to our clients. We understand the police may arrest you when you least expect it or when you do not have money to bail yourself out of jail. So, we develop a plan on how you will make your payment based on your financial ability. Therefore if you want to post bail in California, we are ready to help you.

Available 24/7

You might find yourself behind bars any time of the day, either midnight or midday. Also, law enforcement officers might arrest you on weekends or holidays. At this time, you do not need to wait until Monday to start the bailing process. Speak with Pomona bail bonds agents, and they will begin working on your case regardless of the time the law enforcement officers arrest you.

Jail and Court Information in Pomona

Pomona Jail

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Pomona Police Station

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Pomona Courthouse

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