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Alomar Bail Bonds is an agency that has been helping people to post bail for over 22 years. Our bondsmen are available in the Claremont, CA, area and the neighboring cities. We have no surprise and hidden costs that could spring up in the middle of your court trial; we charge a one-time fee for your release and make certain that your matter is resolved and the posted bail is refunded.

The Bail Process

In the bail bond sector, the term posting means paying or delivering a bail bond to the court for processing your release. The process should be as fast as possible so that you are not detained for a little more than a few hours. Some agencies will take cash substitutes when your bail request is approved, but a cashier’s check or money order can also be used. Bail bond agents will assist in the processing of documentation regarding your release and the bail bond terms.

Posting bail and getting out of jail is the beginning of the defense process. If all the court sessions are attended and all requirements followed, the bail amount posted is refundable. The premium paid to the agency is considered earned fees and is not refunded. The charges are usually 10% of the total bail amount, but with concessions, the premiums can be brought down to 8%. The situations that may warrant this include:

  1. The retention of a private lawyer
  2. Being a union or AARP member
  3. Being military personnel or a veteran

Deciding on the Bail and the Bail Terms

The decision to release you on bail, the amount to be paid, and any restrictions are made during a bail hearing in court. Factors such as your criminal record, the risk you pose to the society or yourself, and chances of honoring bail requirements are considered before the judge makes a decision. If you are eligible for bail, the court may still impose some restrictions on you such as:

  • The limitation to travel
  • Home confinement
  • Gun license revocation
  • Rehabilitation for substances abuse
  • Attending psychotherapy

Who are Bail Bondsmen?

When you need bail bonds services, you will most likely work with a bondsman; that’s why it is crucial to understand who a bondsman is, how you can get their services, and how they can help you.

If the unfortunate happens and you are arrested, and depending on the severity of your crime, cash bail is required. If you are not capable of posting this bail, then you will need the help of a good bail bondsman. This is a person who posts bail and initiates proceedings and comes from a licensed and insured bail bonds agency. This agency will commit itself to be of assistance to you; and will even take assets as collateral. Bail agents or bondsmen are the people you will depend on to secure your release, and they should display high levels of experience in the business while being fully professional. They should never handle your case with any hint of bias, discrimination, or judgment.

Seeking bail bonds services, specifically working with a reputable agency in Claremont will help you in several ways as described below.

Navigating the Criminal Legal System Easily

To spend the least time in jail, the first thing you need to do after your arrest is to find a way of contacting a bail bondsman. He will promptly secure your release using inter-agency cooperation. The agent must strive to make you fully comprehend the bail process by providing you with a thorough explanation and completely answering your questions. In turn, you have an easier time navigating through this legal system than if you had no helping hand.

What Are the Features of A Good Bail Bond Agency?

A criminal defense attorney is usually the initial alternative for those who can afford bail money; but for others, the best bet is to call a Surety Bonds agency. Factors that set a good agency apart from others include:

  • No annual fees for the renewal of your bail
  • No charge for travel or posting fee for criminal defense
  • Reinstatement and resumption of fees are not part of the package
  • Document preparation is discreet and confidential
  • Their court appearance is not charged on the client
  • Collective experience in the bail bonds industry

Get Bail Bond Services Near Me

Whether you are looking for an experienced agency to bail you or someone else from jail or you want to ask any question on the bail process in Claremont, CA, you are free to contact Alomar Bail Bonds. Our agents are professional, readily available, and well-versed with the bail bonds process and how the system works. You can call 626-449-4118 to receive our expert help.


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