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Over the past two decades, Alomar Bail Bonds have been providing excellent bail and bonds services in Temple City, California. The family-owned company has a team of agents with vast experience in the bail bonds industry, enabling them to easily navigate the corridors of justice, and ascertain seamless bail acquisition for their clients.

However, before seeking assistance on bail bonds services, it is important for you to understand the whole bail bond procedures as elaborated in this article.

Bail Alternatives

Before settling for bail, you may consider several other release options depending on the intensity of your case. These include written citations and own recognizance release.

With a written citation option, you only sign a written agreement, with a promise to punctually appear in court during the hearings. This only applies to minor offenders without past criminal records. It is the cheapest and quickest of all options and doesn’t require an agent.

On the other hand, an own recognizance release is issued when the defendant promises to appear for hearing through writing. In case they don’t show up for hearing on the said date, the court can issue a re-arrest order. For a judge to grant your release on your own recognizance, he/she has to consider:

  • Your criminal track record
  • Your chances to flee the state
  • The seriousness of your offense
  • Whether you pose a danger to the accuser and the society at large

Bail and the Bail Terms

This is the most popular, yet most committing release option in Temple City, CA. Depending on the intensity of your offense, the court may decide that a written pledge is not enough assurance, and may request for a financial plight (bail) to cover the doubt. On top of the money assurance, the court can also cite several other restrictions upon your release. These include a travel ban, curfew, rescinding your gun rights, or even recommend several health tests. Those who honor all court appearances get back the whole bail amount. However, any violation of the terms will result in a re-arrest order and you will lose all your paid bail.

All offenders have a right for a bail hearing although it may differ from court to court. However, before granting bail, all courts must first consider:

  • Your physical and mental health
  • Your criminal track record, and your past court appearance habits
  • Your financial capability
  • Your family and community ties
  • Your alcohol and drug history

If you don’t meet these conditions, the court may deny you bail.

Bail Bond Services

Once your bail hearing is ruled, you should immediately pay the stated amount to the court. You can either deposit cash or provide an equivalent substitute like cashier checks or money orders. On posting the bail, the court issues an order for your release.

Criminal offenses are mostly unplanned events, and most people don’t have saved assets to offset their bail charges on time. However, that is not a cause for alarm. With companies like Alomar and other bail bond agents, all your bail bond needs can be sorted.

The Bail Servicing Process

Before issuing bail, the agents request for some of your details. These include your name, date of birth, address, place of employment, actual charges, date of apprehension, place of detention, and bail charged. These details assist the firm to know your background. Once all the information is authenticated, the bail processing begins. Mostly, bail agencies in California charge a non-refundable processing fee of 10 to 20 percent of the total bail amount.

Advantages of Using Bail bonds

Using bail bonds is advantageous in the following ways:

  1. Saving money: Most agencies ask for a small percentage fee of about 10% and they clear all the bail amount. Compared to personal payment, the defendant saves up to 90% of the bail;
  2. Saves time: Accumulating the bail funds consumes much time, or may even be impossible. However, with the bail bond services, the process is instant, leaving you to seek funds at your convenience;
  3. Evading any financial investigation: Paying a large amount all at once may raise a red flag on your money sources. In some occasions, the court may recommend an investigation, and that can derail your release process. However, with bail agents, such hassles are curbed;
  4. Professional advice: Hiring a bail bond agent makes your life easy as they know the ins and outs of the process, which at times may be difficult to understand, especially for first-time offenders.

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If you need a trusted bail bondsman in Temple City, California, to settle your bail amount, you can always rely on Alomar Bail Bonds. We are open for a free consultation concerning your case and our bail process through 626-449-4118. We are waiting for your call today to begin the process of your release from custody. 

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