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I am writing this letter on behalf of ALOMAR BAIL BONDS. I met Albert about 13 years ago in the Whittier municipal court. He gave me his business card and ask me to call him if one of my clients ever needed assistance getting out of jail on bond.

By the time I met Albert I had already used about 5 different bail bonds company and I was not satisfied. My clients had complained to me about one of the company’s employees had made them feel like they were criminals just because the member of the family in jail was the so-called “black sheep” of the family. Others complained about having to pay anywhere from $ 50.00 to a $ 100.00 dollars to get a re-assumption of bail. Others yet, complained of the lack of empathy, professionalism, and “I don’t care” attitude, after the bond had been written up.

Alomar has been and will be the ONLY bail company I will recommend to my clients. They go out of their way each and every time for my clients and they have EVEN taken my clients home after they are released, something NO other bail bonds company ever did.

Chaim Magnum
Attorney at Law

I have been doing work with Alomar Bail Bonds for the past 15 years and must say they are best bail bond agency I have worked with.  As soon as I furnish them the inmates information, I have the answer within 30 minutes. They have been honest and courteous with my clients in both, state and federal bonds. They go out of their way to do whatever needs to be done for my clients. I strongly recommend them

Hector Gonzalez Padilla
Attorney at Law

I would recommend this bail bonds company. Reputable and they believe in helping people.

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Alomar Bail Bonds is very on point when it comes to helping people out.  I would recommend them to anyone I know. - Criminal Attorney Leah Legal

My experience as a criminal attorney has been Alomar Bail Bonds is a great company. I would recommend them if you need bail - Los Angeles Criminal Attorney


Alomar Bail Bonds did everything possible and followed through with everything that was said. Very quick and very helpful. - Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Professional and courteous is Alomar Bail Bonds. If there is anyone I would recommend it would be this bail bonds company - Los Angeles DUI Attorney


Thank you so much Alomar Bail Bonds and especially a BIG thank you to Albert. He was understanding, thorough, and PROMPT with his services. I don't know the words to express to show much you care about your clients - Long Beach Criminal Attorney

As an Orange County Criminal Attorney there is only a few bail bondsman I would recommend and Alomar is one of them! - Orange County Criminal Attorney