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For the past 20 years we have dedicated our self to making sure that our clients bail need are meet. Understanding the difficulties and frustrations of friends and family members when a loved one is arrested and know how to come to the rescue has been a big part of our success. We have always stride to alleviate the hardship by insuring that our clients are satisfied with the work we do.

Making sure that our clients understand the entire process and ultimately securing the release of the person detained, in the most expeditious manner is something we work very hard on, every day.

We will treat you and your family in a professional, respectful and discreet manner, when we arrive at your home, your neighbors will never know that the car parked up front belongs to a bail agent (no embarrassing flashy signs).

Licensed as a bail agent since 1993 Albert E. Gonzaz also has a vast Real Estate and Title Insurance knowledge, having worked in both since 1985, it is the combination of Real Estate, Title Insurance and Bail experience together with the customer service mind set, that gives Albert the needed skills to provided a level of service second to none.

Licensed as a bail agent since 2009 Omar Cosio also has had experience in the Title Insurance industry and Logistics with an emphasis in Customer Service, the combination of those skills also make Omar an excellent bail agent.

Albert Gonzaz, was licensed as a bail agent in 1993 and since then has dedicated himself to the bail bond industry, from 1985 and until 1993 Albert worked in the Real Estate industry first as a real estate agent and then as a title officer in the title insurance industry. All that experience in both industries together with a very strong customer service mindset and the skills to solve unusual situations has made Albert a very capable bail bondsman.

“it’s very important to me to make sure that I communicate with my clients and I do my very best to ensure that every bail bond transaction will result in a pleasant and comfortable experience. Over the past 20 years I have received numerous referrals from clients, who where very satisfied with my work and have passed the word on, to friends and family.”

“ I will treat you and your family as I would like mine to be treated, respect, knowledge and service are what sets us apart from the others in the industry, I’m proud to do what I do on a daily bases.”

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Alomar Bail Bonds is very on point when it comes to helping people out.  I would recommend them to anyone I know. - Criminal Attorney Leah Legal

My experience as a criminal attorney has been Alomar Bail Bonds is a great company. I would recommend them if you need bail - Los Angeles Criminal Attorney


Alomar Bail Bonds did everything possible and followed through with everything that was said. Very quick and very helpful. - Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Professional and courteous is Alomar Bail Bonds. If there is anyone I would recommend it would be this bail bonds company - Los Angeles DUI Attorney


Thank you so much Alomar Bail Bonds and especially a BIG thank you to Albert. He was understanding, thorough, and PROMPT with his services. I don't know the words to express to show much you care about your clients - Long Beach Criminal Attorney

As an Orange County Criminal Attorney there is only a few bail bondsman I would recommend and Alomar is one of them! - Orange County Criminal Attorney