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For the past 20 years we have been providing bail bonds to clients across the state of California and in some case the entire Country, in that span of time bail bonds have increased dramatically, this increase has made it more difficult for many people to afford a bail bond, also being able to post such large bail bonds have become more difficult for many bail bond companies. Fortunately Alomar Bail Bonds has developed great relationships with our insurance companies, those relationships gives us an advantage when posting larger bonds, the financial strength of Alomar bail Bonds and our insurance companies assures us that no large bond is too large. Because our financial stability it is not uncommon for us to create a payment program that will allow us to write the large bail bond and for you to be able to afford the monthly payment.

Extremely larger bonds, those over One Million Dollars and more are not unusual for offenses that carry a potentially long State prison sentence, it is reasonable to think that a defendant facing a long State prison tern may not present himself to court when required and the bail bond will then be forfeited by the Judge, making the bail bondsmen responsible for paying the entire sum to the Court or locating the defendant and returning him to the Court’s jurisdiction, lots of bail bond companies are not comfortable issuing such large bail bonds, Alomar bail Bonds has become a leader in the large bail bond industry, we are not afraid of large bail bonds, in fact we like doing things that other can’t or won’t touch.

When choosing a bail bond company to issue a large bail bond it’s very important to have a company that has the experience necessary to secure the bail bond properly to ensure that there will not be complications when the defendant returns to Court, the courts are extremely cautious with large bail bonds for obvious reasons and a bail bond improperly secured of underwritten can be revoked and become a very expensive mistake. Furthermore a case that warrants a large bail bond will very likely be a complicated one that may last longer than one year, because Alomar Bail Bonds will never charge Annual Renewal Fee, Reinstatement Fee or any other Junk Fee, you will be assured that in the long term our reasonable fee will be a great value.

In today’s economy securing a large bail bond with real estate only is very difficult, at Alomar Bail Bonds we have always embraced alternative forms of collateral or ways to secure a large bail bond when the real property available does not have enough equity to secure the large bail bond or even in some cases it may not be necessary at all. Technology allows us to issue large bail bonds with alternative methods, i.e. Electronic Monitoring. By offering electronic monitoring to our clients we can write a number of large bail bonds that other companies will not consider a good bond to write. Again at Alomar Bail Bonds there are no bail bonds too large.

If you have a Large Bail Bond I encourage you to gives a call at (626) 449-4118. Let us work out the details and make posting your Large Bail Bond a reality.

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