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A Federal Bail Bond or a Federal Property Bond, just like in the case of Large Bail Bonds, is something that lots of bail bond companies choose or are unable to do. Alomar Bail Bonds also specializes in federal cases, federal cases are very different than state cases and as expected federal bonds are just as complicated, there are lots of differences in the two types of bail and for someone who does not have the experience it can present a challenging task, at Alomar Bail Bonds we have done lots of research and taken the time to learn the federal judicial system in order to educate our self.

Federal Bail Bonds or Federal Property Bonds are strictly set by the Judge in each case and can be different for two individuals charge in the same case, simply because each person has a different set of personal circumstances that will be used by the Court to determine how much the bail should be for each of the two co-defendants in the same case.

While a Federal Bail Bond can be more expensive than a State bail bond, similar arrangements can be made to ensure that we can underwrite your Federal bail bond much like a State bail bond. A Federal property bond is very different than the other two, the good news is that it is much more affordable, in some cases a fraction of the fee of a bail bond, and most important the amount of the bond has nothing whatsoever to do with the cost of preparing a Federal property bond. Albert Gonzaz and Omar Cosio, the owners of Alomar Bail Bonds are experts at the preparation of these bonds; we have done thousands in the 20 years we have been in business.

In some specific cases related to drug charges or offenses that relate to large sums of money, the Court may impose a Nebbia Hearing attached to the posting of the bond. Nebbia Hearing are to determine if the source of whatever is being pledge to secure the bond in a federal case has been obtained from sources that do not relate to the charges, in other words it is our responsibility to prove to the court that any property or money related to the bond was not acquired illegally, although it is difficult to prepare for a Nebbia Hearing, it is not impossible, we have participated in hundreds of this hearing and have been successful in the great majority of them, knowing what to look for is key in a successful Nebbia Hearing. At Alomar Bail Bonds we know what to look for to prepare for the hearing.

If you have a Federal Case and need assistance with a Federal Bail Bond or Federal Property Bond, give us a call at (626) 449-4118, we can help.

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