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For all of us, spending time in jail, even for a few hours, is something that we don’t anticipate. But mistakes often happen, and you can get yourself or find a relative arrested and held up in jail. This is the time you need a trustworthy friend to help you get out of jail, and Alomar Bail Bonds agency is one of the few bail bond companies you can trust to bail you out. Get in touch with our agents if you have been arrested in or around Walnut, California.

What is Bail?

Bail is the financial guarantee given by a criminal defendant to the court as an assurance that they will appear in court for all the scheduled proceedings. After an arrest is made, the court will hold a bail hearing to determine the amount of money to be paid as bail.

The judge does not always grant bail. In some cases, the bond may be denied if the judge finds a reason to believe that the defendant may not appear for the hearing or they pose a threat to themselves and others in case of a release. The court’s decision on bail amount will also be affected by the bail schedules. The bail schedules indicate the list of crimes and the bail amount applying to different offenses.

The Process of Posting Bail and Using a Bail Bonds Agent

Bail is often associated with a certain amount of cash, and the general thought is if you got the money to post the bail, you can quickly get yourself or a loved one out if jail. However, these procedures are more complicated especially when the bail amount is high. If you cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, then you can seek the services of a bail bonds agency.

Through the help of a bail bonds agent, the agency will post the set bail, and you will be required to pay a certain fee often 10% of the total bail amount that acts as the service fees. However, the agents expect you to provide collateral against the bond they will pay for you or your loved one. The items accepted by the bail bondsman as security include expensive pieces of jewelry, property title deeds, or even vehicles.

Using the services of a bail agent is the cheapest and fastest way to get your loved one out of jail. This is because you only pay the 10% service fee. Therefore, you will get your loved one out without incurring additional costs. Additionally, having a bail guarantor as your representative assures you expert information that improves your chances of a fair bail trial.

Will I get my Bail Money Back?

If you pay cash bail for a criminal defendant, the bail money will be refunded when the defendant appears for all court proceedings when the case ends. If a property bond was used, then the deeds will be passed back to you. The refund is made after filing a petition with the court to release the bail you paid. In the occasion where a criminal defendant fails to appear in court or refuses to comply with the conditions set by the judge during the bail hearing, the bail will get forfeited and properties seized by the court.

When you use a bail guarantor to post bail, the collateral is returned upon the conclusion of the case. The release of the security happens under the condition that the defendant complies with all rules set by the court and appears in court for case proceedings. However, no matter the outcome of the case, the 10% agent fee will not be returned.

If you used the services of a bail agent and the defendant violates bail terms or fails to appear in court, the agent has a right to find the defendant, and return them to police custody. The court will give the agent a grace period to get the defendant back. If they can’t fulfill that, then they will have to pay the full amount of bail.

Find an Alomar Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

For most of us, jail is the last place we wish to spend time in. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a jail cell, the main concern is how to get out as soon as possible. However, there are procedures you will have to follow to be free again including posting the bail amount set for you. That is why you will need the services of an agency like Alomar Bail Bonds. When it comes to posting bail for yourself or a loved one throughout Walnut, California, you can rely on us, so call 626-449-4118 today!

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